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You may be asking, what makes a good lead good? This is a great question, because all leads are not equal. Over the years, I have heard every question you can imagine about leads: What are the best leads? How much does a good lead cost? What qualifies as a good lead? Should I buy leads? What kind of response should I expect?

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"I want to help you sort through the clutter and teach you everything you need to know about leads, while clarifying some things that may be unclear. I’ve been in network marketing for 30 years, and 20 of those years I have worked leads. Through my experience, I will teach you all the important points about lead generation. I’ll uncover some simple truths and teach you exactly how to make this business work for you, so you can be profitable"

- Ron Malezis

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First, it’s important to note that all leads have two essential qualities: level of interest and level of trust. The higher the level of interest and trust, the better the lead is. With that in mind, here are the three types of leads: Cold Leads, those with no interest and no trust; Warm Leads, those with interest but no trust, or no interest but trust; and Hot Leads, those that have both interest and trust.

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Let’s talk about Cold Leads. A cold lead is like picking a name from telephone book or going door-to-door. These are the worst kinds of leads. There’s just too much work involved to get these strangers to trust you and for you to identify their level of interest, if any. With this approach, you can go through hundreds of prospects with absolutely no success. It’s very difficult to duplicate a workable system, and it’s hard to stay motivated with such a high rejection level.

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Now, I’ve seen people make a lot of money in sales using cold leads, but I haven’t seen anyone find success in network marketing using cold leads. The nature of network marketing requires the use of warm and hot leads.

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Advertising seems to be a sure way to reach a lot of people at one time. But in reality, advertising is highly competitive and time-consuming. Consider this: More than one million marketers already are recruiting via the Internet or other media. And buying and following up on advertisements is a labor- intensive process. After spending the energy placing the ads, you then have to sort through the responses and make phone calls